Our next reuion will be our 60th in 2022.

If you want to see what is going on at the umbrella Madison Alumni site, you can visit for their events.
Dear Colleagues,

I thought I was going to be among the last men standing in our class of ’62.This will not be the case; I have pancreatic cancer the doctors have run out of options. The cancer is aggressive and incurable. Even after the diagnosis I had hope that because I have lived a healthy life, participating in marathons, triathlons, staying relatively thin, not smoking or drinking and eating a good diet. I am not afraid and accept the inevitable. Right now the pain is manageable. I am not a particularly religious person, but I’ve tried to live my life as if G_d is watching me. Maybe He is watching me now.
I have achieved some success and feel that much of my potential has been achieved.
I’ve lived a full life. I see myself as a clever person, who may not have achieved all that I was capable of but did achieve some success.
I found love and happiness with my wife Doreen Woogen who has given me joy that I never expected to experience. We have laughed, loved and played in ways that I think few achieve. We have had an incredibly wonderful marriage and I’ve written her hundreds of poems.
I’ve also had some career success culminating in serving as a Chief Information Officer, probably the highest position that professionals in the Information Services  field could aspire to. I was more than satisfied with my position.
I’ve had other success; organizing our class of ’62 alumni group, building and leading my Schonzeit family association, writing the Schonzeit family history, serving on the board of a local civic group and briefly serving on a suicide line, where I think I potentially saved some lives, writing my family history, creating a draft memoir and an ethical will that contains my advice to my descendants and those who might accept advice I’ve learned over the years. My family has been incredibly supportive, and I’ve developed a cadre of friends that have gone to incredible lengths to support me during my illness.
From this point forward Paula Begelman will take over as class president and maintain the Class of ’62 site.
For those who are interested, my wife and I have created a CaringBridge site (search for CaringBridge Schonzeit on Google) where updates on my condition will be posted. One caveat though: Please do not call me or text me, as I could be sleeping, and calls and texts could wake me up. Instead if you want to send a private message, please use my email. If I am not overwhelmed and have the strength, I will attempt to respond.
Best wishes to all and a belated happy L’shana Tova.
Hank Schonzeit


1 - When was the reunion?

The main event was held Saturday, June 2, 2012 at the G2/Gaslight Lounge, Ninth Ave. and 14th St., New York, NY from 6:00 PM to 9:00. At 9:00 the club opened to the public. Many of us stayed for a while and then broke up into groups that went to a local cafe to continue shmoozing. Some of us couldn't stop.

There also was a Friday Meet-and-Greet at Madison, a Saturday breakfast at the hotel, a walk along the West side High Line, a Sunday breakfast at the hotel and a tour of the old neighborhood, followed by lunch at a local restaurant from the "old days."

2 - What else is coming to the Website?

As Madison events are known, they'll be posted. We'll add one more Flashback page for 1962, and then more of the potpourri of images of us as teenagers and other stuff... 

3 - Was there a "Reunion Book" for attendees?

Reunions Unlimited provided a very limited on-line Reunion Book. Most of us will find this website has a lot more information.

4 - How can I get in touch with other alumni?

You can contact anyone who registered on this site via secure email by first registering and then selecting their name to send a message to. If you want to contact an alumni who didn’t register, and isn’t on the “missing” list, contact the site administrator.

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