Thank you all. We have reached our goal of $359 within 48 hours and no more donations will be accepted. I couldn't just turn this off so I made the minimum donation $10,000. That should effectively stop donations.

Prior message. It is now time to renew our Class of '62 Website. We have $140 left from the last reunion and the cost of renewing the license until 2023, shortly after our next scheduled reunion, is $599. This leaves a balance of $359.

You can donate on this website and we will continue to accept donations until the $599 renewal fee is fully funded. I will personally underwrite the renewal with the expectation that others will come forward to reimburse me.

Thanks everyone for donating, in the first few hours after I posted my request, alumni donated $250. I will turn off the donation feature as soon as the goal is reached.

Total Collected$ 379

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Goal: $ 359
Total Collected:
$ 379