Getting ready to distribute the badges.

Saturday Reunion

Below are the photos from the Saturday reunion at the G2 Restaurant. As you can see, we had a great time. We've tried to identify everyone in the photos and pretty much have, except for the next-to-last photo.

If you have corrections, want your name shown as your full name, want your abbreviated name removed or your photo removed - please email me.


High Line walk

A couple of photos from one of the class of '62 groups taking in Manhattan's High Line.

Our Yearbook - Log '62 Graduates

The best way to view the pages is view them as a "slide show" and then double-click on the page to obtain the best image quality.
Look at her in her senior cap.

Teenage Potpourri

A potpourri of us as teenagers. Don't forget to send your photos to the system administrator.
Kings Highway in 2010

Kings Hyway Through the Years

These photos take us from the fairly current times back to the early 1900's on Kings Hyway.
For a history of Kings Hyway, see

Madison Hyway Editions

Four issues from the Madison Hyway newspaper were found and scanned. For each issue, the full page is displayed, then quarter-page images are shown, so interested readers can actually read the text.

Testing photos

This album is being used to test photo uploads.